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Senior Life Settlements – Your Alternative Financial Solution

What is a life settlement?

A life settlement or senior settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a licensed life settlement provider for more than its cash surrender value, but less than its net death benefit.

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  • Maintain policy by obtaining a loan
  • Apply for an Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB), if available
  • Assign to a 3rd party through a gift or 501 (c) 3
      • If you have a convertible term policy convert it to a permanent life insurance product
      • Reduce the face value to make premiums more affordable, if  your policy allows

You May Qualify For a Life Settlement If:

  • 75 years of age or older or if the insured is living with any serious illness regardless of age
  • Face value of $100,000 or higher
  • Insured has experienced a deterioration in health since the insurance policy was issued (life expectancy of less than 15 years)
  • Policy has been in effect for at least 2 years (beyond the legal 2 year contestability period)
  • Term, Convertible Term, Whole Life, Variable Life, Universal Life, Joint Survivorship, Group, Key Man
  • Other factors may apply
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A study conducted by the insurance studies institute concluded that 90% of seniors they surveyed who had let a policy lapse would have considered a life settlement if they knew one existed!
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According to some studies a typical senior realizes a settlement that is on average 7 times greater than the policy’s cash surrender value.
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Nearly 88% of universal life policies and 85% of term policies never actually result in a death claim. Why not consider selling your policy since the odds are that the death benefit may never get paid?


(Point to each case study to reveal the life settlement payout)

$525,000 Lincoln Universal Life Policy
74 year old man in good health. This gentleman could no longer afford his coverage. He was going to let his policy lapse and receive nothing from the insurance carrier.
Seller received a life settlement of $45,000
$2,000,000 Prudential Universal Life Policy
59 year old woman with a history of lung cancer. Convertible term policy. This client made the financial decision that converting the policy and paying expensive premiums at this stage in her life was not what she wanted to do. She needed money for quality care and wanted to have the opportunity to enjoy the time that she has left with her family.
Seller received a life settlement of $1,390,000
$300,000 ING Universal Life Policy
88 year old man whose premium payments were $22,500 annually. Policy was lapsing as he could no longer justify the premium payments anymore.
Seller received a life settlement of $15,000
$2,000,000 Survivorship Policy
87 and 88 year old clients no longer needed or could afford their coverage. They were planning to surrender their policy.
Seller received a life settlement of $240,000
$2,000,000 Universal Life Policy
75 year old man whose career was as a financial advisor. He had shopped his policy to two other brokers with no success. We were able to match his policy with a new funder and most importantly closed the deal before he had to pay another premium.
Seller received a life settlement of $238,543
$1,700,000 Universal Life Policy
76 year old male with minor health problems with policy about to lapse. The owner could not afford to keep the policy in force.
Seller received a life settlement of $275,000

Disclaimer: Examples are based on actual cases submitted to one of the licensed life settlement providers we use and are solely intended to demonstrate the potential benefits of life settlement transactions.  These examples should not be used as an indicator of the purchase price that any licensed life settlement provider may pay for a specific life insurance policy. Life settlement amounts are based on numerous factors and actual results will vary.  Some or all of the proceeds of a life settlement may be taxable under federal or state income tax laws.  Consult with your tax adviser.


  • Until I went on Senior Life Settlements web site I didn’t even know what a Life Settlement was.  The process was simple and easy as promised even for an old man like me.  Now I have enough money to enjoy traveling to see my grandchildren.  Thanks SLS!

    Charles Tallhassee, FL
  • My husband died several years ago and I continued paying my insurance premiums until they became too expensive to afford.  I was going to let my policy lapse until my friend told me I had a choice.  Thank goodness she told me.  I was shocked at how much money I was able to get through a life settlement using Senior Life Settlements to help me.

    Mary Orlando, FL
  • I have suffered from poor health for the last several years which has stopped me from being able to earn my regular income.  After looking at all my bills I decided I had to cut or eliminate my insurance policy.  My insurance agent referred me to Senior Life Settlements and their people were able to get me an extremely high life settlement which will help me pay my bills until my health gets better.  All the thanks in the world.

    Bill Atlanta, GA
  • Recently I sold my business after 25 years.  My business partner and I had key man Universal Life policies on each other which I assumed we would just stop paying on.  Instead I came across the SLS website and boy am I glad I did.  We were able to sell both policies and I got enough money to gift my kids while I was still alive.  Both my kids and I are grateful to you and all of your staff. Thank you for everything.

    Jim Montgomery, AL
  • Years ago I made some very bad investments and accumulated mountains of debt.  I met with my finanical advisor and he told me I could actually sell my insurance policy.  I had no idea I could even do this and he told me to go on Senior Life Settlements web site to learn about how my policy might have value. I thought the process would be difficult but it was the exact opposite.  Twelve weeks after I first went on their site I now have enough money to pay off all my debt and still have some left for a rainy day.  I cannot thank you guys enough for everything.

    Suzanne Chicago, IL
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